Unicom:                    122.8

AWOS:                  118.275 (call in) 814-297-1486

Elevation           1458’ MSL

TPA:                   2500’ MSL

06/24:         5003’ L   75’ W

PAPI:       06/Left     24/Left

(Operate lights on unicom freq.)

Traffic Pattern: Left

Beacon: Sunset to Sunrise

Windsock: yes, lighted

Segmented Circle: No


Cleveland Center: 126.72/291.65

FSS: Altoona

Airport Information. 

Runway Length: 5003ft x 75ft

Runways 6/24

Traffic Pattern: Left

PAPI’s: 2 light PAPI on left of both 6/24

TPA: 2500 msl

Field Elevation: 1458 msl

Surface: Asphalt

Beacon: Operates Sunset-Sunrise

Pilot Controlled Lighting:  yes 122.8



Jet-A w/prist

100 LL

Center point fueling available upon request.


Unicom Frequency: 122.8

AWOS Frequency: 118.27  (814-297-1486)


Cleveland Center: 126.72 (440-774-0442)


GPS Approach Plates for 6/24 download here: