Unicom:                    122.8

AWOS:                  118.275 (call in) 814-297-1486

Elevation           1458’ MSL

TPA:                   2500’ MSL

06/24:         5003’ L   75’ W

PAPI:       06/Left     24/Left

(Operate lights on unicom freq.)

Traffic Pattern: Left

Beacon: Sunset to Sunrise

Windsock: yes, lighted

Segmented Circle: No


Cleveland Center: 126.72/291.65

FSS: Altoona

About Us.


Clarion County Airport Authority

Overview -The Clarion County Airport Authority is a municipal authority created in 1967, under the Municipal Authorities Act of 1945.  The original purpose of the Authority was to site and construct a facility to replace Rhea Airport, a small grass airport at the US 322, PA 66 intersection, which was closed due to planned highway construction.

    The Airport Authority completed construction of the Clarion County Airport in 1975, and is responsible for overall operation of the airport.   The day to day responsibilities of airport operations are delegated to the Airport Manager, who is one of two employees of the Authority. 


    The Clarion County Airport supports the needs of business and recreational flyers in the area.  It’s close proximity to both Cook Forest State Park and the Allegheny National Forest affords the Airport the opportunity to provide airport users access to numerous hunting, fishing, golfing and camping activities.  In doing so, the Airport supports many of the region’s primary economic activities.

     Mission Statement  – The mission of the Clarion County Airport Authority is to provide the citizens of Clarion County and surrounding areas with safe and efficient access to the National Air Transportation System by providing and operating a general aviation business service airport.   The administration of the airport will be done in a manner that emphasizes safety and economic development for the Clarion County area, while utilizing resources in a way that will result in the most efficient use of public funds, and resulting in the least possible expense to the County taxpayers.


2018 Authority Officers

      Dr. Norm Wagner      President                                                                                                                                                         

      Dave Cyphert             Vice President

      Harrison Fox               Secretary

      David Cox                   Treasurer