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Flight Instructor

Greetings everyone,  My name is Bill Guth and I have been your local Part 61 flight instructor at Clarion since 1999.   I earned by private pilot license at Clarion in 1996 and my instrument rating in 1998.   Throughout the summer of 1999, I completed my commercial and flight instructor certificates.   As a professional flight instructor, corporate pilot, and educator , my goal is to be your "aviation coach" during and after your training.  My training is not only devoted to flight training but quality ground school support.  Over the years,  I have trained pilots for their private, instrument, commercial and flight instructor certificates.  My aviation graduates include private pilots as well as professional pilots flying for corporate flight departments and the airlines.  Many flight instructors are in this business to quickly build the flight time and move on to other aviation jobs.  My goal is to create competent, knowledgeable, safe and skilled aviators. In addition to flight instruction,  I have assisted pilots in the purchasing and selling of their aircraft.  I have ten years of experience in aircraft management allowing aircraft owners to devote their precious time to their careers and businesses.   My love of flying has never diminished and age is never an issue. Feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional flight training details or questions. Lastly, I have included for your review my professional background:

Education    Clarion University of Pennsylvania
                        Masters of Science Education               May 1997        Overall QPA 4.0 / 4.0
                        Bachelors of Science Education            May 1991        Overall QPA 3.47/4.0
                        Bachelors of Science Physics                May 1988        Overall QPA 3.25/4.0
Ratings            Airline Transport Pilot Certificate:  multi-engine
                        Single and multi-engine commercial and instrument
                        Certified flight instructor, instrument and multi-engine
                        Advanced and instrument ground instructor
                        Flight engineer – turbojet written 95%
Flight time      Total time:  5550                   Pilot in command:   4910
                        Turbine: 510                         Multi-engine:  675
                        Night:  370                           Cross country:  1780
                        Instrument:  266                  Instruction given:  3741
Aircraft             Piper Cherokee, Dakota, Tomahawk, Warrior, Arrow, and Seneca
                        Cessna 150, 152, 172, 177, 182, 182RG, 421C
                        American Grumman Cheetah, Tiger
                        Beechcraft Bonanza, King Air 200 GT, 90
                        Alrus CH2000
                        Cirrus 20 and 22
Work experience
                        North Clarion High School, Tionesta PA
                        Physics / Math instructor   January 1994 to present
                        Al-Pont Aviation, Grove City PA
                        Part 91 First Officer   May 2008 to present
                        Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion PA
                        Physics Department Instructor – online
                        September 2008 to present
                        Clarion County Airport Flight Instructor, Clarion PA
                        August 1999 to present
Activities         Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary)
                        Current grade: LtCol
                        January 1987 to present
                        Venus Telephone Corporation, Venus PA
                        Member on the Board of Directors
                        National Science Teacher Association
                        Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association