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  • Airport Management
  • Parking (For transient aircraft)
  • Hangars (For transient aircraft)
  • Passenger terminal and lounge

 Clarion County Airport Authority Code of Conduct

All members of the Airport community are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect.  Everyone is expected to interact with each other in a professional, respectful manner, with the highest regard for each other’s safety and well-being. 

The standards of conduct described below outline what is expected of everyone while on Authority property and through other means of communication with Authority members, Airport Manager, Authority employees, other pilots and the general public.  Each person is responsible for familiarizing him/herself with the types of conduct which are unacceptable, as outlined below.

When violations of standards of conduct occur, the facts and circumstances of the case will be considered to determine the appropriate action. 

The following is a partial list of improper conduct which, when engaged in, shall constitute grounds for action, up to and including immediate termination or banishment from Authority Leases, Authority Property and the Airport.

     Dishonesty, including any falsification or misrepresentation such as knowingly providing incomplete, misleading, or incorrect information.  

     Willful damage, abuse, or destruction of Authority property or the property of others.         

     Refusal to obey or address to the instructions of the Authority, the Airport Manager or an Airport Employee. 

     Verbal or physical harassment or intimidation or inappropriate conversations with, or actions toward the Authority members, the Airport Manager or an Airport Employee. 

     The use of profane, abusive, vulgar, or threatening language or gestures toward anyone.

     Fighting, striking, coercing, interfering with, or threatening bodily injury to anyone.

     Unprofessional conduct, immoral or unethical conduct, and/or indecency.

     Any act which may endanger the safety of others; engaging in horseplay, carelessness, recklessness, or unsafe workplace behaviors.

     Willful, deliberate, or repeated violation of Authority of FAA safety rules.

     Causing damage to, defacement, or destruction of building, equipment or other Authority property or the property of others.

     Any other conduct, which is of a serious nature and which, in the sole opinion of the Authority, makes the person unfit for continued use of or presence on Authority Property.

     Unauthorized use, possession, conveyance, or storage of any firearms, explosives, or other dangerous weapons on Authority premises, including parking lots. Weapons include, but are not limited to, handguns, rifles, shotguns, and other firearms; air guns, pellet guns, and BB guns; axes and knives of any kind other than eating utensils; archery equipment, fireworks; and any martial arts or security equipment of a dangerous nature.

The Authority, in its sole discretion, shall determine the facts and appropriate action in the event of an alleged violation of this Policy.  

Policy Approved by: the Board of Directors of the Clarion County Airport Authority