Aviation WX

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KFKL 270435Z 15009G16KT 10SM OVC005 09/07 A2999 RMK AO1 =
KFKL 270403Z 2704/2724 15013G18KT 6SM -SHRA OVC005 FM270900 23007KT P6SM VCSH OVC015 FM271500 24006KT P6SM BKN035 AMD LTD TO CLD VIS AND WIND =

Weather Maps

Weather Information

 An Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS IIIp) is installed at Clarion County Airport, which can be accessed on 118.275 Mhz, or by phone, 814-227-2899.

Dubois-Jefferson County (DUJ) and Venango Regional (FKL) are the closest airports  having weather reporting. (METAR's and TAF's) 

FKL AWOS    118.175 Mhz   814-437-2066
DUJ ASOS     119.025 Mhz   814-328-5140