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Manager says

Airport Manager Says "Get Flying"!


            Clarion County Airport has a new flying program, aircraft with single pilot owners that get five hours on their HOBB’s meter each month will receive $50.00 off of that month’s hangar rental. Club Planes, and Rental planes that get ten hours on their HOBB’s meter each month will receive $100.00 off of that month’s hangar rental. You must obtain that amount of flying for the category that your plane belongs to. This is a great deal, and I’m not going to complicate it with additional details in this letter. If you have questions call me. This program starts April 1st 2015. Let me know you want to participate. I will record your HOBB’s meter at the beginning of the month, when you get the hours you need, I will confirm your meter, and reduce that month’s rental by the above stated amount.

            Fuel prices have been greatly reduced. Additional fuel discounts for bulk purchases, call or come in for details.

            These changes have been put into effect by the Clarion County Airport Authority in appreciation for your business and patronage of “Your” airport. We also believe it important to incentivize your aviation activities. To simplify it, “the more you fly, the more you get rewarded”.

Flying weather is here, fuel prices are lower than they have been in years, and if you fly the required amount, I lower you hangar rental. I challenge you, to take advantage of this opportunity, to get back in the air and do what you love. Don’t have the IFR rating, now is the time to get it. Requirements are (50 hrs. Cross country as PIC; 40 hrs. Actual or Sim IFR, 15 of which must be with a CFII) with these fuel prices and incentives it will never be cheaper. Those of us in training for our pilots license, including me, now is the time, to buckle down, accomplish our dream, and earn our wings. You have what it takes, now get back on the damn horse!

           Finally, I ask about the purpose of your flying. Do you have one? Is it to stay current, to build time, for leisure, or travel?  I offer one more. Angel Flight is a volunteer organization that provides free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable need. I have including the information and pilot requirements http://angelflight.com/, and I ask you to consider getting involved. It benefits the ill, it inspires our community to see the benefit of General Aviation and it gets them involved, and finally it’s a good thing, a decent thing. Don’t just let this opportunity pass by. All of us at one time or another day dreamed about being a hero, this is your chance, to make it real. Pass the word to your pilot friends who may be looking for an airport to move their plane. GA comes first at Clarion.