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What you need to know.

A private pilot certificate carries all the responsibilities and privileges associated with operating in the Federal Airspace System. A private pilot can carry passangers (not for hire or compensation) and travel throughout the Federal Airspace System.


Realistic goals for achievement should be established. Although the regulations require a minimum of 40 flight hours for the private pilot certificate, the national average is closer to 80 hours. Ideally, a student pilot should complete a munimum of one flight lesson per week. There is no calendar time limit for completing the course, however the FAA student pilot certificate expires in two years and can be reissued after the expired period.


Flight instruction can begin at any age, however, you must 16 years of age to solo or to fly the aircraft yourself, and 17 years old to take the Private Pilot Test. Prior to solo, you will need a medical examination (third class flight physical) given by a designated pilot examiner.


Flight instruction is provided by a one on one basis since individual instruction is necessary to establish the level of competency required. All scheduling is coordinated between the flight instructor and the student. There are two written tests administered for the course. The first one is given by the flight instructor  prior to the student's first solo. The second is administered for the FAA by computer prior to the flight test.


The flight instructors at Clarion County Flight Training operate under the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61. Clarion Flight Training offers the Cessna 172 as its training aircraft. We are able to train students in the following areas: recreational pilot, private pilot, instrument pilot, and commercial pilot.






Flight Training

Currently there are several opportunities to receive flight training under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61 at the Clarion County Airport. 

The airport is also a certified Lasergrade/PSI Testing Center for all Federal Aviation Administration Written Tests, and is currently offering discounted prices on all FAA Written Test Exams scheduled directly with the airport.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 814-226-9993 to schedule a test or for further information.



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